When Should You Visit Cappadocia ? What to Wear ?

2023-09-14 22:52:00

When Should You Visit Cappadocia? What to Wear?

People who want to visit Cappadocia may wonder about the most ideal time to go. Many activities here are mostly conducted in open spaces. Therefore, the cold winter months with their dominant chilly weather may not be suitable. Additionally, frequent snowfall can negatively impact your holiday experience. Similarly, exploring in the summer heat can also become challenging. Tours in the valleys, balloon rides, and visits to the fairy chimneys can be quite demanding in hot weather. For these reasons, the answer to the question of when to visit Cappadocia is spring and autumn seasons. This way, you can explore its magnificent nature much more comfortably. During these seasons, you can go on nature hikes and explore historical sites without being affected by weather conditions.

Another topic that may come to mind when planning a trip to Cappadocia is what to wear. Two options emerge here. If you plan to go in the autumn, loose-fitting sweaters and cardigans will be ideal. Because even though you are constantly on the move, you may get cold during breaks. Additionally, you should not forget to pack a jacket and a coat in your suitcase. If you are planning to visit in the spring, the question of what to wear in Cappadocia may also cross your mind. In such a case, the most sensible choice would be short-sleeved t-shirts, loose-fitting pants, and shorts. It's also a good idea to have a long-sleeved spare outfit and a jacket, just in case, because evenings can be cool. Finally, when it comes to choosing shoes, opt for sports models. Other types may restrict your movement as you will be engaging in a lot of walking and hiking activities.


Average Temperature of Cappadocia by Month : 

  • January: Average Temperature: 1°C - 8°C
  • February: Average Temperature: 2°C - 10°C
  • March: Average Temperature: 4°C - 14°C
  • April: Average Temperature: 8°C - 19°C
  • May: Average Temperature: 12°C - 24°C
  • June: Average Temperature: 16°C - 29°C
  • July: Average Temperature: 18°C - 35°C
  • August: Average Temperature: 18°C - 38°C
  • September: Average Temperature: 15°C - 29°C
  • October: Average Temperature: 10°C - 22°C
  • November: Average Temperature: 5°C - 15°C
  • December: Average Temperature: 2°C - 10°C

Cappadocia is ideal to visit during the spring and autumn months, from March to May and from September to November when the average temperatures are milder. During these months, there is more suitable weather for outdoor activities and hiking. While the winter months can be quite cold, the summer months represent a period of high temperatures. Planning your trip according to these temperature data will allow you to explore the beauty of Cappadocia to the fullest.


In Which Months Do Hot Air Balloons Not Fly in Cappadocia?

In Cappadocia, hot air balloons generally do not fly during the winter months, which are December, January, and February. During this period, the weather conditions in Cappadocia can be quite cold, and it can be too windy or dangerous for hot air balloons. The most suitable months for hot air balloon rides are usually spring (March, April, May), early summer (June), and autumn (September and October). During these months, the weather is calmer and milder, making it the most appropriate time for experiencing a memorable hot air balloon ride. However, the hot air balloon seasons and flights can vary depending on weather conditions, so it is important to contact us before planning your visit.


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