How Does a Hot Air Balloon Work? Is it safe ?

2024-02-08 14:31:37

How Does a Hot Air Balloon Work? Is it safe ?

The principle of operation of hot air balloons is the condensation of cold air and hot air. As the air inside the balloon heats up, the heated air will want to rise and rise.

The balloon pilots section, which heats the air with propane gas (CH₃H₈), and the serial flame lengths, heat the cold air inside the balloon and enable the balloon and the crew to rise.

For landing, hot air is released from the dome section at the top of the balloon, allowing the air inside the balloon to cool down and the descent or landing position can be achieved.

By opening and closing the flaps around the balloon, the balloon can maneuver by turning around its own axis.

As for safety, no balloons make hard landings due to explosion or other reasons. Thanks to the parachute system in the balloon structure, it creates a very safe environment for a slow descent even in any adverse event.

The fabric used in the balloon structure is made of a very strong material that is fireproof and tear-proof.
In the basket section, knitted mats are generally used.

All pilots flying in Cappadocia have been approved by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and have completed approximately 3000 hours of individual flight time.
Pilots working in commercial and tourist flights are highly professional and trained.

Here is a video that will explain Balloon Safety and its working system for you:



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